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WEB PRO is an unique course in web design + web development + internet marketing. Conceived at TGC- Webpro is probably the only course at TGC (or anywhere) where we are giving written Job by signing a placement letter right at time of joining the course. This confidence comes through our commitment to deliver the best in web design training imparted by professionals on practical platform. We are proud to retain industry’s best faculty in Navigation Design, Interactive Design, Web Programming, Advanced PHP, Framework programming, Responsive design (HTML5/ CSS3) & Internet marketing including SEO/SMO/PPC strategy. Apart from daily classroom sessions students joins web workshops, group exercises and Live projects.TGC has its own production wing name: indi-visual graphics and multimedia & Digital Yatra. TGC is an ISO certified company in production of web design and development. Students during their advanced stages of course do internship with the production wing. We are happy to boast that more no. of web design studios in India today touching bases with Singh-Institute for their placement replenishment comparing to any other company. We invite you to visit TGC today and have a feel for our webpro course, we are pretty sure, if your passion is web design you will love to be part of TGC.For the complete breakdown of this WebPro course,

If you have some Office skills, with Singh-Institute, you can update to the latest version fast, or you if you’re just beginning, you can gain a comprehensive knowledge that include realistic work-place exercises.

Course Objective

An Adobe Photoshop course that would teach it’s students all the tools and functionality of the adobe Photoshop software in order to use it for designing, editing, simulation and Manipulation.

Course Module

  •  Planning a website using a structured document
  •  Site Navigation Types
  •  Advanced Responsive UI by creating web assets
  •  Typography and colour sense for Web design
  •  Scribbling the layout
  •  Creating web templates
  •  Slicing the templates
  •  Recognizing Good design vs. Bad Design
  •  Optimizing images for faster downloads
  •  HTML5/CSS3 with Dreamweaver CC
  •  JQery and Bootstrap,
  •  Creating and Testing Responsive design
  •  Web 3.0 standards,
  •  Java Script,
  •  Testing and Maintaining a website,
  •  FTP controls.
  •  Portfolio Refining with CG(Level 1)
  •  Installing Servers for PHP testing
  •  Arrays, Super Arrays ($_GET, $_POST, $_SESSION)
  •  Strings, Form Functionality, Form Validations
  •  Running MYSQL Queries through PHP
  •  Setting Joomla Content Management System
  •  Setting WordPress Content Management System
  •  Admin controls and modifications in CMS Database
  •  Designing Dynamic Websites using PHP
  •  Classes and objects in PHP (OOPS)
  •  OOPs, OO programing or object oriented programming.
  •  Inheritance, Abstraction, Polymorphism, Encapsulation
  •  Difference between PHP 3 ,PHP 4, PHP 5 and PHP 6
  •  AJAX- Connecting & checking server using JavaScript
  •  Checking XML HTTP request object in browsers
  •  Discussing PHP Frameworks
  •  Integrating Shopping Cart integration in website
  •  Setting up/ Checking E-Commerce in a website
  •  Practicals and Live Projects
  •  Vision and Future of HTML5
  •  HTML5 elements and attributes.
  •  Using the audio, video and canvas elements.
  •  Using new JavaScript APIs. and JavaScript alternatives
  •  Data Storage in HTML5, Offline Applications, Geolocations
  •  HTML5 Web Workers, Messaging APIs, Web Sockets.
  •  Applying JQuery, JQuery as alternative for Flash
  •  Selecting and Manipulating DOM Elements with jQuery
  •  Event-Driven Programming with jQuery
  •  jQuery and Ajax
  •  Hello world in CodeIgniter
  •  Discussing CodeIgniter Framework
  •  Model Architecture,
  •  View Architecture,
  •  Controller Architecture
  •  View Helpers for AJAX,
  •  Javascript, HTML Forms
  •  Built-in Validation
  •  Application Scaffolding
  •  Access Control Lists
  •  Data Sanitization
  •  Security, Session, and Request Handling Components
  •  Flexible View Caching
  •  Project on CodeIgniter
  •  Introduction to Open Cart
  •  Setting up a store on Open Cart
  •  Various module of osCommerce (Adding/Modifying Products)
  •  Integrating Payment Gateway with Open Cart
  •  Connecting to the MYSQL
  •  Selecting a database
  •  Finding out about errors
  •  Adding data to a table
  •  Acquiring the value
  •  Finding the number of rows
  •  Inserting data
  •  Entering and updating data
  •  Executing multiple queries
  •  Understanding SEO and why is it required for your business?
  •  Analysing site for SEO- Diagnosis Report Vs Treatment
  •  Undertanding Panda/ Penguin/ HummingBird/ Pigeon etc.
  •  Working on URL/ Meta/ Title Alt/ HTags of your site
  •  Setting up/ Managing WordPress blog on your site
  •  Competitor analysis & strategising your SEO
  •  Quality backlink generation through High PR/ PA/DA sites
  •  Google My Business/ Classifieds/ Forums/ Bookmarking content
  •  Creating high quality and engaging contents
  •  Video Sharing/ Content sharing through Web 2.0 data
  •  Setting up first Adwords campaign for your website
  •  Managing My Client Center for Adwords
  •  Creating attractive ads with high quality scores
  •  Landing page creation for better ROI and CPA
  •  Setting up goals and funnels in Adwords Campaign
  •  Remarketing and developing audience
  •  Managing CPC & increasing Conversions for Campaign
  •  Setting up and mangaing Adsense
  •  Managing Ad Extensions & Display networks
  •  Bing/ Facebook/ Twitter Paid ads management
  •  Reporting and Case Study
  •  Understanding & levaraging value for your business through SMO
  •  Setting up FB Business page and increasing engagment on Business page
  •  Creating engaging posts/ contests/ culture/ events
  •  Managing insights/ Talk-abouts and reviews from audience
  •  Managing SM eg. Linkedin, G+, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter etc.
  •  Video / Photo / Audio Sharing (YT, Vimeo, Flickr, Podcasting)
  •  Managing Coupon based sites and Location based services
  •  Scheduling posts for better results
  •  Strategising SMO Proposals for Ecommerce sites
  •  Integrating Social media marketing with SMO
  •  Word of Mouth and Viral Marketing through SMO
  •  Measuring ROI, financial, customer satisfaction, awareness
  •  Setting up Analyics/ Webmaster tool
  •  Applying Analytics/ Webmaster code on site
  •  Applying Data structure/ Highlighter/ on site
  •  Applying Disavow for removing bad spammy links
  •  Removing errors on site reported by GWT, Bing WM
  •  Setting up Authority on website
  •  Managing “Google My Business” through GWT
  •  Understanding Organic/Paid/Referral/ Direct Traffic in GA
  •  Adding/ Managing more sites in Google Analytics
  •  Observing traffic trends in GA
  •  Email content that drives more Conversions
  •  Building and managing an Email list
  •  Driving response with Psychology-based Marketing
  •  Writing Conversion (copywriting & content essentials)
  •  Email Newsletter foundations: A Roadmap for Success
  •  Maximize Email deliverability to drive revenue
  •  Best affiliate sites for monetization- Setting up acounts
  •  Obtaining/ placing tracking code & getting approved for AP
  •  Generating revenue through a membership site/ list building
  •  Generating revenue through Mobile Messaging/ Apps
  •  Whatsapp Advertising/Mobile Video sharing

website Designing Digitalmarketing Course Training


The most important thing to be considered before enrolling for any course is to make sure it is a certified one or not. A certified course helps improve the skill value of the learner thereby giving them access to better jobs. And this course comes provides the learners with acceptable industry certification for all the training received.

Experienced Faculty

All the faculty responsible for imparting knowledge are expert CAs and FCAs with more than ten years of experience under their built. They provide learners with complete practical training.

Assistance for Placement

Once 70% of the training is completed, our dedicated placement teams start arranging interviews for the learners to help them get placed in a good position.

Lab Facility

Practical Training is always the best sort of training, and that is why we have a high-end lab facility to help the learners gain corporate level exposure with a series of technical tests to assess their progress.



Learners are given them to take part in real-time projects and case studies to better prepare them for the corporate world.

Constant Admin Support

The Admin team is always just a call away, and they take care of all the needs that a learner might have.

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