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Management Information System is essential to the success of any large-scale business operating in any industry. It helps the businesses collect all the different data related to their business and process them. The processed data is then analyzed before making any business decisions. The importance of this process is one of the main reasons why most companies are constantly on the lookout for MIS Executives and Data Analysts. So, learning to become a professional Data Management Analyst is always a great idea. Our institute provides learners with the best facilities and teachers to enable them to become an expert in the field of MIS and Data Analysis.

Course Module

  •  Introduction to Excel, Basic Understanding Menu and Toolbar | Lookup, VLookup & HLookup | VLookup using Array formula, Dynamic / Reverse VLookup, Index & Match function | Advanced Filter and Custom Sorting | Create Dynamic Graph & Chart | Advanced Filter | Advanced Pivot Table | Grouping/Ungrouping | Combining Data from Multiple Sheets | Extract data page wise | Use Slicer /Time Line | Spark line | Preparation of Dashboard | Using camera tools for Dashboard | Using Interactive Control in Excel Dashboards (Scroll bar, Check Box, Radio Button, Drop Down list, etc) | Dashboard using Power BI Tools | Data Validation | Number & Conditional Formatting | Protection | Goal Seek, Solver, Scenario, Data Table | Logical Functions | Financial Functions | Create web Query link MS excel with any Website | Recorded Macros /Edit Macros | Relative Cell References | Viewing a Macro Module | Executing Macros
  •  Introduction to VBA Programming | Understanding The VBA Editor | Understanding Macro Code | Variables and Data Types in VBA | VBA Operators and Expressions | Conditional Statement if..Then..else | Looping Statement / Repeating Actions with a Loop | Creating Functions with VBA | Arrays | Events – driven programming in VBA | Excel Object Model (Properties, Methods, Events, Collections Worksheets, Workbooks, Ranges (Cells), Charts) | Creating User Form | Protect VBA Code | Create ADD Ins
  •  Exploring the Microsoft Access Environment | Designing a Database | Building a Table & Linking Tables (Defining Primary Keys, Linking Tables ) | Managing Data in a Table | Importing and exporting the data | Creating and Using Queries (Parameterised Query, Cross tab Query, Find Duplicate) | Action Query (Update/Delete/Select/Append Query) | Designing a Form | Designing a Report | Automating tasks with Macros and VBA | Setting up an Access Web App | Building Basic Web Apps | Access Options relating to Multi-user Issues | Record Locking
  •  SQL Fundamental | Creating Tables Using SQL | Protecting Data | Improving performance | Manipulating Data (DML) | Controlling Transactions | SELECT Statement in SQL | From and Where Clause | Multiple Tables Query using Joins | Combining results | Functions in SQL | Creating Nested Queries
  •  Self Management | Business Correspondence Skills | Introduction of Corporate Lifestyle | Mock Drill Sessions
  •  Means and options
  •  Factor analysis
  •  Cluster analysis
  •  T- tests, paired t-tests, one sample t-test
  •  Bivariate and partial correlations
  •  Linear regression (simple and multiple)

Mis-data-Analytics Course Training


The most important thing to be considered before enrolling for any course is to make sure it is a certified one or not. A certified course helps improve the skill value of the learner thereby giving them access to better jobs. And this course comes provides the learners with acceptable industry certification for all the training received.

Experienced Faculty

All the faculty responsible for imparting knowledge are expert CAs and FCAs with more than ten years of experience under their built. They provide learners with complete practical training.

Assistance for Placement

Once 70% of the training is completed, our dedicated placement teams start arranging interviews for the learners to help them get placed in a good position.

Lab Facility

Practical Training is always the best sort of training, and that is why we have a high-end lab facility to help the learners gain corporate level exposure with a series of technical tests to assess their progress.



Learners are given them to take part in real-time projects and case studies to better prepare them for the corporate world.

Constant Admin Support

The Admin team is always just a call away, and they take care of all the needs that a learner might have.

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