Java J2ee

Java J2ee

About The Course

Java is one of the most popular and powerful programming languages around. A large number of devices and applications from highly advanced supercomputers to a simple Android app, all run on the Java platform. There is a constant demand by businesses for developers with the knowledge of Java to help create new applications as well as maintain old ones. You can tap into this demand by enrolling in our Java course and becoming an expert in the language in a short period. The course has a lot of features such as well experienced experts as teachers, real-world simulation, practical oriented training, etc.

If you have some Office skills, with Singh-Institute, you can update to the latest version fast, or you if you’re just beginning, you can gain a comprehensive knowledge that include realistic work-place exercises.

Course Module

  •  The Collection Interfaces (list , set, Sorted set)
  •  The collection classes(The array list, Linked list, Hash set, Tree set)
  •  Accessing a Collection via an Iterator
  •  Working with maps
  •  Working with Comparators
  •  The Collection Algorithms
  •  The Legacy Classes and Interfaces(Enumeration, Vector, Stack, Dictionary, Hash table)
  •  Date and Time Handling
  •  Usage of Property file
  •  Define the locale
  •  ResourceBundle
  •  Fetching Text from ResourceBundle
  •  Portfolio Refining with CG(Level 1)
  •  Distributed Applications
  •  RMI Architecture
  •  Implementation
  •  Call-Back Mechanism
  •  Class fundamentals
  •  Commands line arguments
  •  Learning Static Initializer
  •  Declaration of objects
  •  Instance variable Hiding
  •  Overloading and Overriding of Methods
  •  Understanding of Access Controls (private, public and protected)
  •  Learning Nested and Inner classes
  •  Dynamic method Dispatching
  •  Using Abstract classes/li>
  •  Using final to prevent Overriding & Inheritance
  •  Garbage collection
  •  Defining a package
  •  Understanding CLASSPATH
  •  Access Protection
  •  Importing packages
  •  Defining and Implementing interfaces
  •  Anonymous classes
  •  Abstract classes Vs Interfaces
  •  Adapter classes
  •  Fundamental of Exception handling
  •  Types of Exceptions
  •  Learning exceptions handlers
  •  Try and Catch
  •  Multiple catch Clauses
  •  Nested Try statements
  •  Throw , throws and finally
  •  Creating custom exceptions
  •  Assertion
  •  Learning String Operation
  •  Learning character Extraction
  •  Learning string Comparison
  •  Understanding string Buffer Classes
  •  String builder class
  •  Creating Immutable Class
  •  Premain method , Object size
  •  Generics
  •  Annotations
  •  Vargs
  •  Static Import
  •  For each
  •  String in which
  •  Multiple exception handling
  •  Dimond Operator
  •  Finding out constant and method declaration belong to an interface
  •  Creating an instance of a class whose name is not known until runtime
  •  Getting and setting value of an objects field if field name is unknown until runtime
  •  Invoking a method on an object if the method is unknown until runtime
  •  Creating a new array whose size and components type are not know until runtime
  •  Invoking private member of a class

Java-j2ee Course Training


The most important thing to be considered before enrolling for any course is to make sure it is a certified one or not. A certified course helps improve the skill value of the learner thereby giving them access to better jobs. And this course comes provides the learners with acceptable industry certification for all the training received.

Experienced Faculty

All the faculty responsible for imparting knowledge are expert CAs and FCAs with more than ten years of experience under their built. They provide learners with complete practical training.

Assistance for Placement

Once 70% of the training is completed, our dedicated placement teams start arranging interviews for the learners to help them get placed in a good position.

Lab Facility

Practical Training is always the best sort of training, and that is why we have a high-end lab facility to help the learners gain corporate level exposure with a series of technical tests to assess their progress.



Learners are given them to take part in real-time projects and case studies to better prepare them for the corporate world.

Constant Admin Support

The Admin team is always just a call away, and they take care of all the needs that a learner might have.

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