Bootstrap EXPERT

About The Course

Bootstrap is a front-end framework available for that enables fast and easy web development. It includes templates from both HTML and CSS. The major plus point of Bootstrap is that enables developers to create highly responsive designs which automatically adjust themselves to look good on the screen of any device such a PC or a smartphone irrespective of the screen size. The Bootstrap course offered by us gives learners the opportunity to learn from industry experts in a practical environment that simulates real-life situations. The dedicated placement team helps learners in securing a job that matches their skill.

Course Objective

Bootstrap contains all CSS and CSS3 classes which are responsive for designing or developing websites. Whether it is Mobile, Tabs or Monitors Bootstrap design a website for all Media. Bootstrap is total FREE to download and use, It contains a framework for HTML, CSS and Java Script for developing websites. It is most powerful tool to develop and design Responsive websites. It Includes all the classes which covers Menus, Navigations, Banners, Text, Buttons, Dynamic Forms, Badges, Dropdowns, Carousel, Tabs, Accordion with all Java Script Extentions.

Course Module

  •  Introduction To Bootstrap
  •  Downloading and Installing
  •  Responsive web design plan
  •  Making files to work
  •  Understanding Framework and managing Documents
  •  Making containers with the help of rows and column.
  •  Understanding the code of making grid
  •  The Advance Grid Structure.
  •  Controlling The Grid Across Devices
  •  MUsing Column Offsets
  •  Making Nested Columns
  •  Understanding Ordering of Columns
  •  Responsive Images
  •  All Responsive Utility
  •  Inserting Media Queries and Breakpoints
  •  Menu or Navbar codes
  •  Navbar with fix class.
  •  NavBar Dropdowns
  •  NavBar Marketing Panel
  •  NavBar Button Options
  •  Making Information Panel
  •  Tab Toggeling
  •  Bootstrap Glyphicons Library
  •  Developing Footer
  •  Adding Custom Classes
  •  Animated Banner Carousel
  •  Image Carousel Navigation
  •  Managing Carousel with Java Script
  •  Designing Grid Structure
  •  Adding Text or Enteries
  •  Developing Pagination
  •  Making Bars, Graphs and Pie charts
  •  Designing Search boxes
  •  Making List
  •  Developing Media Component
  •  Image Thumbnails
  •  Interactive Tooltips
  •  Collapse Panels
  •  Google Map Interactivity
  •  Horizontal and Verticle Forms
  •  Banner Modals
  •  Sidebar Building
  •  Customizing the Styles
  •  Color Codes
  •  Working with Templates

Boostrap Course Training


The most important thing to be considered before enrolling for any course is to make sure it is a certified one or not. A certified course helps improve the skill value of the learner thereby giving them access to better jobs. And this course comes provides the learners with acceptable industry certification for all the training received.

Experienced Faculty

All the faculty responsible for imparting knowledge are expert CAs and FCAs with more than ten years of experience under their built. They provide learners with complete practical training.

Assistance for Placement

Once 70% of the training is completed, our dedicated placement teams start arranging interviews for the learners to help them get placed in a good position.

Lab Facility

Practical Training is always the best sort of training, and that is why we have a high-end lab facility to help the learners gain corporate level exposure with a series of technical tests to assess their progress.



Learners are given them to take part in real-time projects and case studies to better prepare them for the corporate world.

Constant Admin Support

The Admin team is always just a call away, and they take care of all the needs that a learner might have.

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