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The web development training we provide is the Best Advanced PHP Training Course in Delhi NCR because only expert trainers and lecturers have designed the course by using their knowledge, skills and on-the-job exposure. The content of the training program is constantly revised and enhanced as per the changing technological trends to ensure that it meets the current needs of the industry.

The process of signing up for this course is quite easy and hassle-free. We have made it so that you don’t have to bother about it too much. Our trainers are reputed and seasoned professionals who have got tons of experience in web development. It helps them to train you on the complications involved in the job beforehand. Once you have signed up for Advanced PHP course, you will get to do live projects. you can develop a client application in training with the help of a trainer. this live application you can write a resume for reference.

Course Module

  •  Global Variables
  •  Creating Pagination in PHP
  •  Code Reusability
  •  Functional Coding in PHP
  •  Modular Coding in PHP
  •  Concepts of MVC and HMVC
  •  CURL
  •  CLI
  •  GD Library
  •  Regular Expressions in PHP
  •  Validation form Data with PHP
  •  Object-Oriented Programming in PHP
  •  Classes and Objects
  •  Constructor and Destructor
  •  Access Modifiers
  •  Functions and Function Scope
  •  Class Variables and Variable Scope
  •  Class Constants
  •  Inheritance and Multiple Inheritance
  •  Creating Database
  •  Connecting to MySQL
  •  Selection Database
  •  Basic MySQL Queries
  •  Data Types in MySQL
  •  Data Encryption with MD5
  •  Using PHPMySQL
  •   Exporting and Importing Databases
  •   Normalization
  •   RDBMS
  •   MySQL Storage Engines
  •  Get Last inserted ID
  •  MySQL num Rows
  •  Query Conditions
  •  MySQL Joins
  •  Using Dates in MySQL Queries
  •  Transactional tables with InnoDB Storage Engine
  •  MySQL sub queries
  •  Form Submission with AJAX
  •  Fetching Data with AJAX
  •  Fetching and displaying data with AJAX
  •  Making a Dynamic CMS website in CodeIgniter
  •  General
  •  Libraries
  •  Database
  •  Helpers
  •  Definition & Use of CMS
  •  Installation & configuration of Wordpress
  •  Developing a website using Wordpress CMS
  •  Working with Wordpress themes and plugins
  •  Working with Wordpress themes and plugins
  •  ICreating and Managing Menus in Wordpress
  •  Different types of users in wordpress
  •  Managing wordpress Categories
  •  Website Development in WP
  •  Developing a Blog in WP
  •  Project Flow Design
  •  Project UI and DB Design
  •  Rest
  •  SOAP
  •  API Integration
  •  Paypal and Paypal Sandbox
  •  CCAvenue or PayTM
  •  Ways to SMS

Advance-PHP Course Training


The most important thing to be considered before enrolling for any course is to make sure it is a certified one or not. A certified course helps improve the skill value of the learner thereby giving them access to better jobs. And this course comes provides the learners with acceptable industry certification for all the training received.

Experienced Faculty

All the faculty responsible for imparting knowledge are expert CAs and FCAs with more than ten years of experience under their built. They provide learners with complete practical training.

Assistance for Placement

Once 70% of the training is completed, our dedicated placement teams start arranging interviews for the learners to help them get placed in a good position.

Lab Facility

Practical Training is always the best sort of training, and that is why we have a high-end lab facility to help the learners gain corporate level exposure with a series of technical tests to assess their progress.



Learners are given them to take part in real-time projects and case studies to better prepare them for the corporate world.

Constant Admin Support

The Admin team is always just a call away, and they take care of all the needs that a learner might have.

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