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Singh Institute provides learning opportunities to students who are interested in e-accounting and e- taxation, multimedia, graphics designing and filmmaking, digital marketing, software programming, website development, website design, and English speaking courses.
Singh Institute is an educational institution that has been around since the year 1968. It is India’s number one job-oriented institute. Over the years we have produced highly skilled individuals who are well seasoned and ready for the employment market. We are an institution that prides itself on a long list of success stories both in our academic records. We also take pride in our placement programs for students who have successfully finished their courses.


Singh Institute is made of up professionals who are highly qualified and experienced in their fields. They are always determined and eager to mentor students and equip them with applicable knowledge so that they can be ready for the job market. As a learning institution, we offer thorough and practical training. We also provide a conducive environment for our students to ensure they get the best. We are thorough, well equipped, fully packed with resources, and always at our student’s disposal.


At Singh Institute, our mission is to invest all out time and resources in our students to raise a generation of highly educated, skilled, and experienced individuals who will be an asset to the society rather than a liability. We are living to accomplish our mission by always offering our students the best and striving to expose them so that they may be knowledgeable and capable of applying the knowledge gained. We engage them in practical works and expose them to the world to gain more knowledge.


At Singh Institute, our vision is to create an education system that is closely knit to the job market by creating a connection between our students and employees making us the mainstream source of highly educated, skilled, and experienced talent. Through our job placement programs for our top students, we have been able to live up to our vision. Companies look up to us to supply them with great talent, and it has been a pleasure to do so. Every day is a day for us to uncover new talent, nurture it, and sharpen it. After the process is done, we expose the talent to the job market.


Singh Institute is different and stands above the competition because of the quality individuals we produce. Not many institutions can boast of the great number of successful placements we have made. Other than talent placement we have made, we always produce quality and wholesome individuals who have been a great asset to their families and the society at large. Our students come out of school when they are ready for real life experience. They bring excellence, professionalism, and dependability.
We know what our students need, and we always deliver. Over the years we have mastered our trade, and we know what to do to turn students into success. It is because of this that we have had a great success story, have been able to guarantee students’ placements after school, and have managed to secure our place as a greatly honored institution. Joining Singh Institute is never a waste of time and resources. We major in making career dreams come true. You only have to be willing, obedient, and ready to learn and succeed.

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